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Who is Eligible for Coverage?

Coverage is available to s age 18 and older who maintain an active account.

A also may apply for coverage for a Spouse and Dependent Children.

Coverage Provided:

The Company will provide benefits in one lump sum if a covered accident results in an injury listed below or death within 365 days of the covered accident.  The amount of the benefit provided will be reduced to 50% of the amount listed below when the person who is injured in, or dies as a result of, the accident reaches age 70 and to 25% of the amount listed below when that person reaches age 75.  The premiums for the insurance will not be reduced.

A who accepts the basic coverage by signing and submitting the Activation Form will receive $3,000 in coverage from the Coverage Effective Date.  A may apply for Additional Coverage of up to $300,000 for the or the ’s Spouse and Dependent Children by completing, signing, and submitting the Enrollment Form.  Note that no more than one benefit will be payable for all losses to the same limb due to or related to any accident; the benefit payable in this circumstance will be the largest benefit payable.